Amazon..Spotify..just to name a few other sites besides CD Baby and our Music Store below on our Facebook page also carry our CD and MP3 downloads!!!!!! ITunes should be up any day, which I am sure a lot of you are waiting on, so be patient, I understand that their site takes a bit longer to activate a new CD. We should also be hearing our music any day now on IHeart Radio, Pandora and Google Music…let us know when you hear it!!! Be the first to let us know you are listening to our music on one of these three streaming internet radio stations and we will mail you a hard copy of our new CD…just screen shot a picture of it on your phone and send it to either our Facebook, twitter or instagram account and the first one to send it to us will receive the free CD!!!! Good luck everyone!! We can't wait for you to tell us that it is streaming live!!!! ‪#‎UsAgain‬‪#‎MeAgainstMe2‬

First Album Artwork Cover Artwork by Scarlet Raneigh
Stephanie, Scott and Eric Stephanie, Scott(right) and Eric(left) photo by Leigh Farnsworth

Our Journey

Scotty Killifo is the mastermind behind Me Against Me 2.  It all started as a collaboration with various talented studio musicians, a producer who shared the same visions and assisted in bringing it to life and an amazing upcoming songwriter and vocalist, but along the way friendships were formed, artist discovered and alot was learned.  This is our dream, our way of expressing our deepest feelings, laid bare before you.  This album is about life's daily struggles and the inner battles we face.  We hope you enjoy the ride as much as the journey was truly eye opening for us.  Hang on tight because we have only just begun.



Stephanie C-G is the lead singer of the band and wrote the lyrics for all but two songs on the album.  She has been singing and performing since she was 8 years old.



Scotty has been composing music for years with a wide variety of influences which you will hear thoughout the album. 

Jamie King of the Basement Recording Co of NC


Jamie is the producer of the album.

Guest appearance by J.T. Terraglio playing lead guitar on I'll Ruin Your Day.

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